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I’ve been doing more taking care of others than of myself lately. This isn’t surprising–Mom’s need was so great for several days that there just wasn’t room for much else. If I wasn’t at the hospital, I was at the house, doing what needed to be done and making myself take a nap before heading back to the hospital again. My schedule was completely thrown off, and my only chance for exercise was walking to and from the hospital or getting up to get ice or water or graham crackers–and I ate a ridiculous number of them while we were there.

I ate weird foods at weird times and though I made sure I got some greens, I think I had one apple the whole time Mom was there, a far cry from my usual apple a day habit. I had more dairy in a week than I would normally have in a month–ice cream and frozen yogurt were frequent companions.

I put on weight. I don’t know how much, but enough to make me feel uncomfortable in my clothes. So not good.

Time to put some focus back on my own caretaking, because I’m not going to be good to or for anyone if I don’t.




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