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Heat and ants

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The heatwave continues, with several more days of above 100 degrees in the forecast before a cool front and possibly some much needed rain comes. I swear I heard thunder in the night but if there was any rain at all, it was scanty.

Meanwhile, I’ve been invaded by a second wave of ants. I typically have ants in my living space in June, along with tiny new flies and weird winged ants. I’ve come to expect them and I’m ready to fight for several weeks. I wasn’t so ready this time.

A tidy  line, ever-moving, tracks across my kitchen area. They pause, touch antennae, trade whatever information they have, and move on. I appreciate their orderliness and their brevity when exchanging information. Unlike some folks I know, they keep it to just the facts, no embellishments. I like that about ants. I like the clean line and the ease of following their progress. I don’t like them in my living space.

A long day lies ahead, but I will be victorious, again. Damn ants.

P. S. Happy Naked Monday. I sorta missed it on Friday.


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