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I snuck out for a little knitting with the girls this morning even though I should have been working. It’s been weeks since I’ve gotten together with them–the temp job and the online job haven’t left me with too much free time during the week for what seems a very long time now. It was good to be back, to see my friends, what they’re working on, and to share some giggles.

I’m waiting on word from the library to return to work. I’ve had a few days off, partly because of the holiday last week (remember that? Funny how quickly those fade from memory), partly because I used up some vital supplies and there’s not a whole lot I can do without them, and the order apparently didn’t go in until after the 4th to replenish them.

I’m really okay with a little time off.

I’m ready to go back anytime, but I still have my other job, and there’s an endless list of things I could be doing around the house. I’m not saying I’m doing them, but it’s good to have that list just in case I need it.

Later: back to the library tomorrow. My little vacation was nice while it lasted!


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