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It was a pleasure to sleep last night with the windows open. I wouldn’t mind a repeat tonight. Just sayin.’

It was hot and miserable here most of the week and it probably was where you are, too, so we’ll not speak of it again, other than to say I was stupid enough to go out for a walk one night when it was in the 90s and humidity was around 1000%. It was like walking through soup, steamy and fragrant and thick. I worked up a good sweat, though!I still need something to fall back on when I can’t get outside. I’m just too lazy right now to implement that, but I am feeling more of a need for physical activity.

I’ve noted more mindless mindful eating this week–which isn’t quite as oxymoronic as it seems. Making better choices is becoming habit, so I don’t have to be as deliberate. Progress!

On the spiritual side of things, there’s a lot of restlessness and some deep yearnings, and this isn’t a bad thing. It means I’m ready, or nearly ready, to scratch what’s itching me, and that’s a very good thing.

Progress. It’s slow–agonizingly slow at times–but it comes in its own time, and as one is ready for it.

Later: had a good walk this afternoon. Less soupy, but I still got sweaty. Fun night tonight, with an outdoor concert on tap. It’s a nice way to wrap up my Sunday.

Later later: there was a spectacular sunset tonight. I so wish I had someone to share those with.


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