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It wasn’t the best week–again–in terms of mindful eating. I had a couple of major slip-ups, but there’s still progress overall. More mindfulness, more awareness, better choices at times. I’m choosing to focus more on what I’ve done well rather than beating myself up for when I’ve not done so well. That kind of self-recrimination isn’t helpful. Ask me how I know.

I got out a couple of times for walks, which did me so much good, and not just in the physical sense. Unfortunately, it’s been stinking hot here the remainder of the week and my desire to get out dwindled down to nothing, even though I know sweating copiously would benefit me. It’d be wise to have an indoor alternate to walking. Doesn’t much matter what that might be so long as I do it.

I’ve read quite a lot this week–Jean Hegland’s Into the Forest, a post-apocalyptic novel of two teenage sisters scratching out a survival in Northern California following a vaguely-hinted-at upheaval of normal life in the U. S.–and have been enjoying it greatly. Knitting has been sporadic and restless. I want to knit but my hands are still stiff and sore and I don’t really know what I want to knit, either. Go figure. I should probably just set it aside for a while until inspiration hits. In any case, the reading has done me good, feeding both my intellect and my soul. I’m calling that a win.

Overall, I’m giving the week a B minus. Sass level may be on the rise, so be advised. Just sayin.’



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