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Monthly Archives: July 2012

On hiatus

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I’ll be on hiatus for a while in order to focus on getting my mom well and out of the hospital. I’ll see you soon. In the meantime, your good thoughts are much appreciated.

Freeplay Friday

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I read this morning about a couple who took an incredible road trip–something, as you know, I dream of–and you can read more about it here. I’m not saying I’d want to be on the road for quite this long, although you never know. Maybe there’s enough gypsy (or hippie)  in my soul to do this, suitable companion by my side, alternating soundtracks in the CD player, the road before us, and no particular destination in mind–only the journey. Maybe this would be the vista spread out before us at the end of our day:

Yes, please!

Or maybe it’d be some other place in the Big Backyard. Wouldn’t matter where we were, my companion and me, so long as we were together at the end of the day. I dream of this.


Target it Thursday

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Stuff I’m working on this week:

Less time online. More real life. Wish me luck. Actually, I don’t need luck. I just need to shut the damn computer off and walk away.

The Random Hats project. Number 6 is done; I’ll be casting on number 7 later today.

Mindful eating. Still. Always.

Wholesome discipline (that’s a phrase from the Desiderata, which you oughta read if you haven’t for a while. It’s not just for hippies anymore).

I’m looking at ways of making a living from wherever I live. Send me some good vibes on that one. Going to a job? Not something I want to do ever again.


Lyrical Wednesday

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Because we need rain, but mostly because it’s Gary Allan.

Random hats of kindness

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So I think I’ve decided–subject to change, whims, etc.–to incorporate the other blog into this one, since the hat blogging will only be sporadic at best, and two blogs may be one too many.

I have hattage to report today. Exciting, isn’t it?

Hats 2, 3, 4, and 5 are done. Woot!


The pinkish one was blogged about when it was about half done, and you can check the details if you like over on the other blog, Random Hats of Kindness. This will be going to Afghans for Afghans along with a pile of other hats I’d already had knitted up. Three more will give me a tidy 25, and that’s what I’m aiming for before the end of the month.

The purple ones are all patterns from Baby Beanies: Happy Hats to Knit for Little Heads, a really sweet book that I bought as much for the photography as for the patterns. The two basic rolled-brim hats are accompanied by a long-tail one, which is cute as the dickens but took far too long to finish–attaching the tassel was a hassle. So was the wrap to hide where I attached it. I might make it again but I’d work out the kinks a little better first.

The yarn is Vanna’s Choice, a 100% acrylic which, despite my distaste for plastic yarns, knit up nicely. The purple is the imaginatively named “Purple;” the green is “Sweet Pea,” a baby yarn (not made out of babies, but rather for babies) that is softer than the more robust purple yarn. These little charmers are for the CLICK for Babies campaign, and I’ll be knitting up a few more before the October deadline for sending them in comes around.

Five hats down; 49 to go.

Heat and ants

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The heatwave continues, with several more days of above 100 degrees in the forecast before a cool front and possibly some much needed rain comes. I swear I heard thunder in the night but if there was any rain at all, it was scanty.

Meanwhile, I’ve been invaded by a second wave of ants. I typically have ants in my living space in June, along with tiny new flies and weird winged ants. I’ve come to expect them and I’m ready to fight for several weeks. I wasn’t so ready this time.

A tidy  line, ever-moving, tracks across my kitchen area. They pause, touch antennae, trade whatever information they have, and move on. I appreciate their orderliness and their brevity when exchanging information. Unlike some folks I know, they keep it to just the facts, no embellishments. I like that about ants. I like the clean line and the ease of following their progress. I don’t like them in my living space.

A long day lies ahead, but I will be victorious, again. Damn ants.

P. S. Happy Naked Monday. I sorta missed it on Friday.

Weekend review

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I ate too much. I complained too much. I got too little exercise. I forgot to do my gratitude journal. That was my week on the surface.

But I did feel myself turn a corner in my soul. Things that once mattered to me that I had callously abandoned came to the fore again and I remembered, just a little, what I care about. Who I am, or want to be. What clenches my heart, and what makes me righteously indignant. More than that, I did something about it, in the small ways that I am able to.

The smallness of the acts isn’t significant.  The doing is. The getting pissed off about an unfair situation and doing something about it. The sorrow of seeing the faces of suffering and doing something about it. Giving until it felt good. Doing something about it instead of waiting for someone else to do it.

It’s true that I’m only one person and there’s only so much I can do by myself. But here’s the thing: one person doing good added to another person doing good added to another person doing good and on and on adds up to a whole lot of good being done. One drop of rain by itself can’t do much, but added to others? They’ll fill an ocean.







Lazy Saturday

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I’m not complaining.

Today will be a day of ease, of slow and pleasant movement, and cat sitting possibly the sweetest cat who’s ever graced anyone’s life. I’m looking forward to my time with Mr. Smartypants, a kind, wise, and gentle old soul of a cat. I still love my stinky cat best, but Mr. SP could be a really close second.

Aside from that happy duty, I have some knitting to play with, a new book to start, and solo dinner plans at a little British cafe we’re lucky enough to have here.

It’s coolish for now, and overcast, and for once I don’t mind the clouds at all. Days of searing heat make the gray welcome, and it would be wonderful if those clouds would shower down some rain.

Whatever your day looks like, I hope you make it a good one.

Later: I’ll also be battling ants, as they are once again disrupting my domestic tranquility.


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I woke this morning to news of the shootings in Aurora, Colorado. My heart aches for those whose lives are now forever changed by this moment of insanity. My heart aches, too, for the mother of the alleged shooter, who somehow knew police had the right suspect following the shootings. I can think of little more awful than knowing your child is a mass murderer.

Sometimes I don’t want to live in a world of instant news, where the horrors people perpetrate against others are so immediately broadcast. Sometimes the world is an ugly, awful, dark place.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

–Martin Luther King, Jr.

I’ll be lighting a candle today to drive out just a little bit of the dark; I’d invite you to join me. You can do so virtually at if you are so inclined.

Things I am grateful for

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1. A decent, safe place to live.

2. Food (more than I need).

3. Water.

4. Creature comforts, like a bed, a big comfy chair, a shower.

5. My friends.

6. My cat.

7. Having a heart that can both love and be wounded. That means I’m alive.

8. Books to read.

9. Yarn to knit with, and the ability to use what I have to help others.

10. A mind that works, sometimes too much, but it works.

11. Having a bit of money to do some good with.

12. Big dreams.