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I have a thing for yurts. I don’t know when or how or why it started, but it was one of those crazy things that caught my attention and rooted itself in my mind. I’ve never seen a real one, much less been in one or slept in one, though I’d so love to.

My years of longing will be met tonight,  if only in a tiny way.

Tonight, we make the yurts. Bird yurts, that is. They start out with a wad of roving that looks something like this and after heat, moisture, sometimes soap, and agitation, they end up looking something like this. Kinda cool, right?

It is Freeplay Friday, but try as I might, I couldn’t find any songs about yurts. (That could be a lie, because I Googled it and would you believe there are songs about yurts? because there are). But, there are also plenty of songs about birds, and don’t you know the bird is the word?

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