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Not anywhere near wordless Wednesday

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I don’t often cry for joy. I teared up when I first met a friend I’d known only online for years, and when we finally met in person, I was overwhelmed a little. I cried for joy when I met Mr. F, and the three times he gave me the lovely pieces of jewelry that will not be worn again but are safely tucked away with my treasures. I cried the two times he gave me flowers, even if I did have to cajole him into it the second time.

I’ve cried a lot for other reasons these last few months. Necessary tears, for sure, but also worrisome–I’m not really a crier. Then a friend on Facebook posted a new video of Matt, of Where the Hell is Matt fame.

Get out your hankies.

It started with this:

It’s cute and sweet, but not quite tear-worthy yet.

Then there was this:

which I cannot watch without bawling like a baby. Such joy.

And now, there’s this:

My friend who posted this had these comments on the video:

“I suspect that Matt (with the help of his camera crew and other supporters) has done more to produce, promote and enable world peace and good feeling in the past five years than the entire UN in its entire existence. ”

Well said, and what it’s all about. We are not meant to be alone or constantly at odds with one another. May as well dance.


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