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Let me say up front that I am not the crazy cat lady. I have one cat and one is enough for me. I do not love all cats; I do, however, love the one I have. She’s a little spoiled and I miss her when I’m away, but she is not my “fur baby,” (and what a gawd-awful phrase that is) and I’m clear on the fact that I’m the human and she’s the cat.

That said, I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time the last couple of days watching itty bitty kitties online, just being itty bitty kitties, staggering around on their tiny little unsteady legs, piling up on each other to sleep, stretching and yawning, having little kitty dreams, wee legs and ears and tails twitching, and fighting for a station when mama comes along to feed them.There is something so life-affirming about itty bitty kitties.

They are so stinking cute.

They make me smile.

Itty bitty kitties.
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