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It was a pretty good week overall around here. I continue to be more and more mindful about what I’m putting in my mouth, and when, and although there were a couple of slip-ups this week, I feel I’m making good progress in getting my eating habits closer to what I’d like them to be.

The temp job, which ends this month, continues to be a work-out. My belly is getting smaller. And I still miss walking, but four hours each day at the library is darn good exercise.

I was happy to note that I was able to walk around on more or less flat ground without bracing my knee while at the Sheep and Wool Festival yesterday. There wasn’t a great deal of walking involved, but enough to be a good test of my poor old knee. I will, however, continue to brace it at work and when I start walking for fitness again. The hot months of sweating in earnest lie ahead and I’m looking forward to seeing more results of my efforts as I become more fit. I can do this. I want to be well, strong, and healthy. Happy would be good, too.

I had a bit of an epiphany last night when I realized that I’m learning how to be happy without Mr. F. Although a lot of the color has gone out of my life without him in it, I’m finding more and more reasons to be glad of what I do have of the good in this life, and that’s quite a lot. This is not to say that I miss him any less, or that I love him any less. That’s not at all the case, but my life without him has to go on, and if it’s to be anything like I’d like it to be, I have to find other ways to take pleasure in it. Moving ahead is necessary. Moving on, however, isn’t an option for me. My heart is still his, and it’s my job to keep it beating. Equally, it’s my job to find and celebrate the good in my life as it is now.

Wishing you the best in the upcoming week.


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