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Funny how you can so easily forget the things that bring you such pleasure.

Last night I went to the first in the 2012 series of free outdoor concerts that my friend S helps organize. They’re held on the playground of a school that was closed some years back, the victim of budget cuts. I always have the somewhat fanciful feeling that the school is glad on those nights, glad that there is again life and laughter and noise on its grounds, and maybe it is. Perhaps places have their own secret lives, and their own secret joys and sorrows.

I had forgotten how much I love live music. How much I love that gathering of every kind of person from joyous little kids to grumpy old farts who don’t even have it in their withered souls to applaud the musicians who sing and play their hearts out for us. Makes me wonder why they even bother to come to these things if they’re so intent on not enjoying themselves. Still, they make for good people watching. Any gathering of people offers up the chance to study human behavior and I think of it as more free entertainment.

My friends were there, too, several of them, and sometimes I think I’ve forgotten how good it is to have them in my life, and to not be on this journey alone. I’m more and more convinced that we are not meant to go through this life on our own. Each of us needs another, if only one good person, to help, support, cheer us on, and love us through. Lots of laughs along the way don’t hurt, either.

S told me it was good to see me smile, and you know what? it was good to be seen smiling. Seems like those have been often absent these last several months.

So let the music play on. I do believe it did me good.


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