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It started innocently enough. Just four Hershey’s Kisses.

There’s a country song about drinking that says “the more I drink, the more I drink. If I have one, I have thirteen . . . .” Um, yeah, I’m that way with chocolates, and though it started with only four, it ended with more.

Fortunately, that was only one day this week. The rest were pretty good, in terms of being mindful about my eating, about limiting foods that are triggers for me, such as bread (and chocolates), and being more aware of portion sizes. Yesterday was a banner day in that I honestly couldn’t finish my lunch. I tried a new Chinese take-out place–it was edible but not outstanding–but the portions are HUGE. I ate all of the soup, some fried noodle-y things, and less than half of the main dish for lunch and I was just this side of being too full. I had the rest for supper last night.

I’m doing well in not eating after 8:00 p.m. This isn’t any kind of magic number; it’s simply my arbitrary time that I stop with the food. I still have tea once in a while past 8:00, and it’s still laced with non-dairy creamer, but I’ve switched to Sweet ‘n Low for the sweetener–and I know both that and the non-dairy creamer will kill me, but you know what? something’s going to get me in the end, so it may as well be something I like.

My work-out is my work–the library job is four hours a day of lifting, reaching, squatting, and standing, and it’s doing a pretty good job of whittling away at some of my wiggly bits, of which there are several. I still miss my walks, but I’m seeing changes. T-shirts that had been getting uncomfortably tight are considerably looser. There’s a little droop in my britches. My belly is retreating a little more. All good things.

In other news, my knitting mojo has gone missing. Again. Sigh. I want to knit but nothing currently on the needles is any fun at all. I may cast on a hat later–a quick, satisfying kind of knit may be just what’s needed.

That’s my week–pretty good overall, and I’m looking forward to better this coming week. Wishing you the same.


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