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It was a pretty miserable night here. A  blast of heat, along with legendary Iowa humidity, hit just in time for the weekend and I was either having severe night sweats (entirely possible, since I’m at a “special” stage of life) or I just never got the fan adjusted to the right angle. In any case, I hope it’s cooler tonight. Sleep would be nice.

Friends D and S have invited some folks over to their place later for a Memorial Day Potluck Extravaganza (with bonfire) so I’ll be spending part of the morning getting my offering ready to go. It’s a pretty forgiving crowd, so unless what I make tastes like complete poo, it’ll be eaten and I bet some will even go back for seconds. It should be a good time, even though I’m not at all sure that we need a bonfire in 90 degree heat.

I indulged in my second or possibly third Crave Day yesterday, the one day of the week I let myself have all the stuff I’ve been craving during the week. I’m pretty sure it was the last one. On the surface, Crave Day sounds like a good idea, but in practice, not so much. It leaves me feeling stuffed and slow and disappointed that all the goodies I was so looking forward to having don’t taste very good at all. Better to have a treat or two during the week and truly enjoy what I have than stuff myself one day a week and feel icky afterward.

I have tomorrow off, and most likely will have the house to myself. I’m looking forward to some peace, and a tiny break from my normally abnormal life for a few hours. I am hoping I don’t squander my time.

Wishing you a good holiday!

Later: It is, thankfully, much less humid than it was yesterday. It’s still warm and windy, but more tolerable.


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