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Monday already

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It’s Monday already, the start of another week, and I’m wishing it were still the weekend. What say we all band together and petition the keepers of the calendar to stick another Saturday in there? Saturday, the sequel. Because a two-day weekend just isn’t long enough, is it? Mine was wasted on stupid and fruitless (though still really expensive) shopping on Saturday, then laundry and household chores on Sunday and there just wasn’t a lot of time leftover for fun.  I used to have the most amazing, fun, adventuresome weekends, and man, do I miss them. I miss the best damn companion ever, too.

I’m also missing my knitting, but the temp job has done a number on my wrists with all the repetitive motions involved in what I do at that gig, and knitting is also repetitive, so something had to give and it was the fun thing. Dang.

Looking on the bright side, though, I’m happy to note that my bum knee is doing just fine after my little jaunt outdoors yesterday, and I’m planning on getting out a few more times this week. It did me good, that walk, and not only physically. I’ll still baby that knee for a while yet, but I do need to walk.

Also on the bright side is a beautiful sunny day right outside my window, one that is cooler and much less humid than the last few. Unfortunately, I’ll be spending the afternoon inside in the bowels of the liberry, but I think I can sneak some time outside after work.

I’m off to play at being a grown-up for a while. Later, taters.

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