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Thank goodness it’s Saturday. I’m needing a day of rest, even though clothes shopping (Boo! Hiss!) is on the agenda and I need a haircut. I keep saying I’m going to quit going to a well known discount haircut place, but then they keep having sales and coupons about the time I start thinking my hair really needs an intervention, and we all know I love a bargain. I’ve had a range of cuts there, from one really excellent one to pretty awful. But it’s hair. It’ll grow back. Right?

Happy Cinco de Mayo, while I’m thinking about it. I celebrated last night and am now reconsidering the wisdom of three very tasty margaritas in rapid succession, but I do love me a marg or three.

Lastly, to whomever checked in between midnight-ish (CST) and 9:00 this morning (also CST, if you’re playing along), you account for the 3,333rd view of this silly little blog of mine. Thank you. I don’t know for sure who’s reading this, or even why, but thank you. All of you.

Later: got my hair cut and I’m really pleased with it. I’d go back to that girl again, even if she did put hair goo in it afterward. I’m not a fan of the hair goo.


Later later: I had a little rant on FB about clothes.

[I] am going to rant and use unladylike language, so cover your eyes if you don’t want to read it. Dear Clothing Manufacturers: I’m fat, not stupid or ugly, so I fail to understand why you insist on foisting your stupidly constructed and fugly-ass clothes on me. I don’t care what the fashion is–low-cut jeans, shorts, or any other kind of pant is a VERY BAD idea on a woman of size. Seriously. Do you try these “fashions” out on anyone over a size 8? I mean, really. So my challenge to you is this: you put on some of your stupid, fuglyass clothes and you go out in public in them and show off your bits and pieces and see if you think that’s appropriate. See if you’re comfortable in them. And then get yourself some real women of size to tell you what they want and what they don’t want before you make more of your fuglyass clothes.

Not such a great shopping day.

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