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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Top ten things I’m thinking about

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1. Odd alliances.

2. Cheese and crackers.

3. Sleep.

4. Coffee.

5. My raggedy-looking feet.

6. Walking. I’ve put it on hold for a while because of a wonky knee and I miss it.

7. Work. It really messes up my day.

8. Yarn.

9. What to read next.

10. People I miss. It’s a really short list. Which isn’t the diss it seems to be; it’s simply that there aren’t that many people who are close to me, or to whom I feel close, for me to miss.

Sunday quiet

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The laundry is going and I need to work a bit, but then the rest of the day is mine. All mine, to do with as I please.

I’m more than a little peopled out and am longing for some time alone, where interactions are optional, any noise is of my own making, and I can call my life my own, just for a few hours. I need some quiet.

Hoping you have the kind of Sunday you need as well.

Later: Ahhh. Better. If only I could have another day of weekend.

Saturday shortie

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Coffee me. That is all.

Friday ramblings

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It’s the end of another week and I’m looking forward to game night tonight. Although the bleeping trebuchet I was supposed to take ended up in the trash, I think they’ll still let me in.

I don’t know about you, but my leisure activities are governed by a single guiding principle: if it ain’t fun, it ain’t done. Building that trebuchet was not fun, like sewing or crocheting or juggling chain saws is not fun. I squandered $1.92 on the sticks to make it, about a full stick of hot glue, and an hour of my life, and I added to the landfill problem to boot. I don’t even know if hot glue is biodegradable. Anyone?

In any case, I think a little fun is in order. It feels a long time since I’ve had a really good, I’m-laughing-so-hard-I-might-just-pee-myself-a-little-bit kind of moment, and the adult beverages will certainly have nothing to do with either the laughing or the mini-peeing.

Saturday will likely not be so joyful, as I am facing another bout of Mandatory Family Fun. Which will be an unlikely outcome, and which falls under the heading of “duty” rather than a leisure activity so it will have to be done. Endured. Whatever. I know, it’s my family and all, but really–these are not the fun people and sometimes I wonder if they don’t have homes of their own and why they don’t go to them. And there will not be drinks.

Maybe Sunday should be set aside for “me time.” With drinks.

Later: whoopsie. I forgot that all of the trash here is burned to create energy for the city. I’m creating toxic hot glue fumes?

Missin’ you

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Well hello, wool. Hey there, needles. I’ve been missing you both so much. I think it’s time we got reacquainted, don’t you?

Buyer’s hesitation

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I don’t think too much about stuff I’d like to have, because there’s not a whole lot I’d like to have. One of the things I like best about myself is that I can admire without needing to acquire.

That said, there are a few fairly modest things I really would like to have. Another pair of capris would be nice–I only have one pair that’s fit for public appearances and I pretty much live in them, or shorts, in warmer weather. A couple more tank tops for underneath light, summery shirts would be cool. And I’m thinking a new pair of walking shoes might be in order, so I can start breaking them in well before I actually need them. I hate breaking in new shoes, and I don’t care what anyone else says, shoes have to be broken in.

But the oneĀ  thing I really want that I don’t need is a new camera. I have one, bought more or less on impulse prior to a trip to Arizona several years ago, and while the picture quality is good enough, getting pics off the camera and onto my computer has always been a pain in the butt. No one method seems to work more than once, and I’ve followed all the suggested steps, looked online for more information, replicated my efforts, and it’s a different method every single time.

The problem isn’t one of money–I can get creative and gather up some funds if I decide to go ahead with this purchase. The real problem is that most of my electronics purchases are disasters. I suffer buyer’s regret like you wouldn’t believe, even if I end up with something that I use fairly often. Or whatever I buy doesn’t live up to my expectations or it’s too fiddly or whatever, so I fall into buyer’s hesitation. Sometimes for years.

Silly me. It’s not as if I can’t return it.



Small victories

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I’d posted a rant in the wee hours this morning which one or two of you may have seen. It wasn’t just snarky; it was mean and I knew it and so I took it down a while ago. I’m all for a little snark–it makes my world go ’round–but mean isn’t cool. A small victory for the better part of me.

My eating has been out of control for the past week, certainly, and beyond. I did a lot of fast food last week, a lot of carbs, and a lot of sugar. None of those are good for me in the least, except in small doses. I was pleased that I was able to make a mindful decision yesterday to curb the urges I’ve had and eat well. More mindfulness; less mindless stuffing.

Along with the mindless eating, I’ve been doing a bit of mindless spending. Nothing too alarming–I haven’t bought any big ticket items–but there was all that fast food and some impulsive online purchasing. I’d also abandoned tracking my spending, and that’s not good, because it’s the most effective tool I’ve found for controlling my spending. I’m getting back to that practice this week and being mindful of my money.

Small things that add up to big things, given time. I’m counting them all as victories.