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It’s the end of the work week! Nearly, anyway, and all I’ve been thinking about so far today is all the stuff I have to do this weekend–laundry and dishes and errands and my other job . . . good times.

The temp job has gone well and the job supervisor seems both pleased and kind of freaked out that it’s going so well and the tasks are being done as quickly as they are. I’ve worked with this guy before and know him to be an extremely cautious man who does not like a lot of variables in his life–he sees the world in black and white and misses all the shades of gray, not to mention all the other colors, in between. As such, he’d planned out the project very differently from the way it’s been going and he’s having a hard time readjusting.

That’s the way it goes. You think your life is going one way, then it tacks off in another direction and you’re left scrambling to readjust. That’s both a good and a bad thing, but that’s life.

Later on: I’m through with my first real work week in a long, long time. It really messed with my free time, and I ate far too much junk food instead of cooking, and I’ve barely knit a stitch all week. My hands have been busy with the tasks at work and are too tired when I get home to do much of anything.

It’ll be movie night tonight, then I’ll start on my long list of chores tomorrow. I’d rather go exploring with a suitable companion, but that’s not an option. Ah well.


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