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Not so lyrical Wednesday

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So I’ve been thinking about that whole nice Iowa girl thing, not only because of yesterday’s post, but also because I saw Mr. Friendly at the park yesterday. He is one strange bird and I only wished that I’d had some small, discrete discreet binoculars with me to observe his behavior more closely. I’m into sociological observations, remember?

Anyway, that nice Iowa girl business reminded me of a big flap a few months ago, when University of Iowa journalism professor Stephen Bloom published an article in The Atlantic that many Iowans took umbrage to. We are, apparently, a bunch of undereducated but nice hillbillies living in a sad little flyover state who spend our days on the farm, making meth. Curiously, Bloom has lived in Iowa and taught at U of I for some 20 years, and many saw the article, which Bloom says was satire, as an offensive stereotype as well as an example of biting the hand that feeds one. Umm, yeah, just a little.

One response to the article hit You Tube and has so far had close to one million views. Is Iowa nice? Judge for yourself. Fair warning: there is adult language in the video. Don’t come crying to me if you’re offended or you get caught watching it at work. I warned you. Just like a nice Iowa girl would.


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  1. Discreet. Just sayin.

    I love the video. Well done.


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