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My adventures yesterday were chilly, foggy, and fun, but also tiring. I came back and took a two hour nap, then went to bed early and slept for ten hours.

This kind of thing is nothing new to me. As an introvert–and really, people, I am; introversion does NOT mean I’m shy–I can be easily drained by contact with others. As much as I enjoyed the day with my friends yesterday, this is not something I can do every day or even every week and remain sane. I’m fine with short periods of time with others, and sometimes even thrive in extended group activities–my game night group is a prime example–but inevitably, afterward I yearn for and require time alone, to process, to think, to savor quiet, and to recharge.

This need for time alone and quiet is sometimes misinterpreted as a general dislike of other human beings–this is not entirely true, though I still tend to view many others as interesting sociological specimens rather than wanting to interact firsthand with them–or that I think I’m better than others. Sometimes I am, sometimes I’m not. Just like you, and just like you, I’m wired in a unique way that is utterly my own. Face it–we’re all weird in some way or other. The trick is to acknowledge and accept that without (too much) judgement.

My need for solitude and quiet is something I’ve had to work to overcome, not because it’s an inherent fault or defect, but simply because too much isolation isn’t good for me. I tend to turn on myself and become morbid, morose, and self-loathing without a healthy dose of interaction with others. The key word there is “healthy.” Too much of either isolation or interaction is damaging to me.

Interestingly,  I stumbled across a posting on the care of  introverts on Facebook after I got back yesterday. The list is aimed at parents raising an introverted child–and can I just say I might wish my parents had had this when I was a kid?–but much of the list applies to the adult introvert, as well.

Numbers three, four, and five are me right down to the ground.

I did a little casual internet research (so you know it’s all reliable) after I read this and found this article both interesting and applicable. Don’t let the mildly creepy font and pics put you off reading it. Numbers one through five are particularly applicable to me.

So whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, I hope today you find what you need. As for me, I’m savoring the quiet.

P.S. Today marks my 150th post. I’m both pleased and surprised that I’ve stuck with this as long as I have. Despite being all over the map in terms of content, it’s done me a lot of good, and I’ve never been sorry I started this little blog of mine. I am sometimes too transparent, too confessional, but then, words that need to be said are often unspoken, and the writing down of them has been helpful to me. There’s that strange and wonderful alchemy again, that of simply writing it down.

Anyway, if you’re reading this, thank you. It’s nice to not be alone on the journey, wherever it takes me.


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  1. I saw that posting in Facebook yesterday and related to a couple of the items too. Continue your journey as you see the path ahead and may we all interact with you periodically…for our sakes too.


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