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When free isn’t such a great thing

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I was out for a little drive yesterday when I spied a pile of old red bricks someone had dumped–maybe three or four dozen of them. Weathered old bricks. Cool weathered old bricks.  Vintage brickage. I immediately thought of snagging them to use to outline my mom’s flower beds, so I stopped and loaded them up, chortling over my find as I drove off.

About halfway home with my load of free goodies, I started thinking. I know, that’s dangerous, but there I was, thinking. About how my mom broke her hip a few years ago and how she’s not quite so steady on her feet anymore and how she’s 86 and on the fragile side and how those bricks might be a trip hazard. I even thought about what might happen if she fell and broke the other hip and, more specifically, about who’d be caring for her if that happened. Selfish, I know, but one does think of these things.


So now I have  a trunk full of bricks and I’m not sure what to do with them. My stupid moral code tells me it would be wrong to take them back to the dump site and re-dump them. My experience with Freecycle tells me no one will come and get them if I posted them on the site. I don’t know anyone else who needs old red bricks, not unless you do, in which case, come and get ’em. I’ll give you a really good deal on them.

Sometimes free isn’t so great.

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  1. I have some of those cool, old, weathered bricks. My parents had them and they got them when the old train depot was tore down, maybe 50 years ago. I was not about to leave them sitting at my mom’s house when it was sold. I have used a few of them to line my herb garden and there are a few of them under the jacks I have supporting my camper. I would take yours if I lived closer. My advice to you is to hang onto those bricks. They will come in handy sometime.

  2. Make a small raised bed for herbs or a small flower garden that your mom might can tend.
    Or you can grow giant sunflowers.


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