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So I’m coming to the end of my six-month promo package for internet service and was less than giddy at the prospect of paying 15 to 20 dollars more per month for continued service. I’ve been really pleased with my service provider and didn’t want to switch providers unless that meant a substantial savings on service.

I was looking online at my options for lowering my bill and had an online chat with a rep, who suggested I call the “loyalty department” at CenturyLink, my provider, to see about a cheaper bill. Who knew there was a loyalty department? I called the number I was given, which took me to the repairs department in Phoenix (and it makes so much sense for me in Iowa to call a nice lady in Phoenix for a repair job), but she quickly transferred me to the correct department. I was on holds hell for a while–no muzak, but plenty of encouragement to bundle my packages (because that would be a dream come true), but in less than five minutes with an actual live person named Laurie, I got a nice 50% discount on continued service for the next 12 months. It was worth the call and the wait.

Remember my switch from a contract phone plan to pre-paid? It’s been a month since I switched over and I’ve saved about $35.00 this month. Just a couple of fairly easy changes and now my phone and internet will be about what I was paying for phone service alone. Yay!

Cash expenditures have been down this month, thanks to continued tracking of my spending as well as more careful choices on what is worthy of my money. I’ve trimmed back enough that I should be able to get through at least half part of April with the remainder of my cash allowance from March, and, unless something unusual happens, as it did this month, my credit card bill should also be substantially lower.

The best part? I’m still not missing much of anything, and I think I may even be a little more content with less. I’m sure happy with seeing the savings.

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