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I got some news this afternoon that I didn’t exactly greet with shouts of joy, but it’s just part of life. My car has been making some odd, metal-on-metal pre-grinding noises the last few days so I took it in to my car guy and yep, I need new front brakes. I’ve also recently had a new battery installed and just had new tires put on last week. Throwing money at my car is getting a little old, but they do say that bad things come in threes, so this should be the end of it for a while.

This is the kind of thing my mom gets really upset over, and when I told her–she’s my ride when I take my car in so she kind of needs to know–she suggested that I get a new car. Because a new car would be so much cheaper than new brakes. Mom logic–go figure.

The thing is, if you own something with moving bits, those bits will fail at some point. I get that and I don’t get too bent out of shape when it happens. Not too much is built to last anymore, it seems. The most dependable things I own are the oldest–two TVs that I scrounged off my parents years ago, both of which are at least thirty years old and both of which work perfectly well. The picture isn’t as crisp as a new TV, the colors aren’t as true, and the sound isn’t stereo, but they both work just fine and I don’t see any reason at all to fix what ain’t broke. I’ll use them until they die or I move, whichever comes first, before I even consider a new TV.

But back to my car–I sorta like it. It’s the first car I ever bought on my own, without my dad or a male friend or relative giving me advice, and I’m convinced I got a heck of a deal on it. It’s been a good car, and I intend to do as I did with my last car–eventually drive it into the ground. I drove my last car for ten years before I had to junk it, and I felt I’d gotten my money’s worth. That’s not a bad feeling.


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  1. You are absolutely right.
    Who needs car payments? Who needs new TVs of the old ones work. Remind me to tell you that whole story.
    Smart girl are you.

    • I’ve never made a car payment other than to my folks, and this last car was paid for in full before I drove it off the lot.

      My dad was fond of telling my brothers and me that if we didn’t have the money in our pockets, we didn’t need whatever it was we were panting after. That has served me well for many years. Dad also said the only thing worth going into debt for was a house, and maybe, if you were desperate, a car. Otherwise, you save up until you have the money and you pay cash, or in my case, you pay off your credit card bill in full, on time. I don’t have a lot in the eyes of the world, but what I have is mine–no one else has a claim on it. Every damn thing I own is paid for, and, at 52, I have no debt. None. Zero.

      BTW, I went back to college in my early thirties and paid for that myself, working part-time and using grants. I took out a modest loan my senior year after agonizing over the decision and paid that sucker off years early. It’s the only time I’ve carried any debt and getting out from under it was one of the happiest events in my life. I’m aware that my unique living situation allows me this kind of financial freedom, but I’m paying in ways other than monetary. As you know, T.

      Debt is the devil!


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