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Stick a fork in it

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It’s done. Finally. Not completely satisfactorily, but it’s done.

I put the final stitches in my Moderne Log Cabin blanket last night while watching Criminal Minds and CSI–blood, guts, and knitting!–and while I’m not over the moon about the border, I’m not up to doing it again just now.

Have I shown you this before? I don't remember. Pic shows the blanket sans border.

I mostly loved this project, even though it took me forever and would go into time-out on a frequent basis. When I’d pick it up again and feel that lush, squishy fabric, I’d wonder why I’d left it so long, but I suppose sometimes you need a little break to allow you to come back refreshed and ready to love again.

In the end, I did a single crochet border, turned it around, and single crocheted back around. My corners are wonky and puckery and I’m not overly pleased with them, but I started, nearly finished, then frogged back that darn border at least three times, and maybe four, and my heart fails at the thought of doing it again anytime soon. Crochet is so different from knitting–different motions and muscles are required, and unlike knitting, I have to look at what I’m doing for every single stitch. I can knit easily by touch, with only occasional glances at my work. Crocheting is awkward and not a good time for me. But–lessons learned, I persevered, and I have finished the largest knitting project I’ve ever attempted. I’m so pleased with the yarn I chose, the colors, the pattern, and the even, consistent stitches, as well as the very tidy pick ups at the color changes. That border can be re-done, and likely will be eventually. I’m calling this an overall success. So stick a fork in it–it’s done, and I am happy. Mostly.


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  1. It is beautiful and I’m sure the border is just fine. I think knitting is too complicated with two needles. I like to crochet. It is easy.

  2. Love the pattern. Wish I were coordinate enough to knit much less crochet. Even a smaller version would make a beautiful wall hanging. Congrats on a job well done!

    • All it takes is some practice, Judy. I find knitting much easier and more intuitive than crochet, but others find the opposite true. Don’t be afraid to give it a go–basic materials are not terribly expensive and there are loads of tutorials online, as well as books and classes elsewhere.


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