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I have a confession to make. If you knit with me, take a moment. You’re going to need it.


I bought acrylic yarn.

And not just acrylic yarn. Cheap acrylic yarn.

If you’re not a yarnie, you don’t understand how big this is, but if you are–well, shocking, ain’t it?

I was a little surprised myself that I succumbed, but here’s the deal: I’ve chosen Project Linus as one of my charities this year and hope to make at least a couple of blankets to donate. Materials used have to be machine washable and since I use mostly 100%,  hand wash only wool in my knitting, that won’t do. I needed some acrylic.

I headed off to Michaels last Saturday after Nice Girl Knitters at the library–it was a beautifully sunny, if quite cold, day, and a little jaunt out of town was kind of nice–and found they had all Lion Brand yarns on sale for half off.

I’m kind of snobbish about Lion Brand stuff. A lot of it is just–well, nasty. Homespun? Feh! Worst yarn EVER, and that’s saying a lot because there’s a lot of crap yarn out there. Lion Brand is generally right down at the bottom of my list,  along with Red Heart and most craft store brands, and that weird stuff Lion Brand and Martha Stewart just came out with (seriously, what the hell were they thinking? I wouldn’t buy this junk if they were giving it away).

But, ya know, it was on sale and super cheap and all, and I petted the Pound of Love (seriously. I’m not making that name up. It’s a horrible name, a huge and somewhat frightening skein of yarn, and the colors–pink, baby blue, kind of a sickly green–shudder.) I was petting another acrylic, too, comparing the two, deciding which one would be less likely to make my fingers get that creepy feeling you get when you touch something icky, like a slug, and I kept going back to the Pound of Love (gah! that name!) in Antique White. A simple, clean, classic color, and my fingers didn’t hate it too much. And it was five bucks. Five bucks for a huge chunk of yarn that’s way bigger than my head and would give me a lot of knitting for the money.

I bought it. I brought it home and started playing with it and I gotta tell you–it knit up pretty darn nice. I was a little stunned. It’s very soft, the stitches are nice and even, I’ve had no splitting issues, and my only gripe so far is that I found a knot just a few feet into the skein.

The romance is still in the early dating stage, where we both have our best manners on and wouldn’t think of doing anything crude in front of the other, but I think this might work out. Of course, I’ve thought that about other things that crashed and burned, but call me a cock-eyed optimist. I’m hoping.

P.S. Happy birthday to someone who will always be sort of wonderful to me. Be happy. Know who your real friends are. But mostly, be happy.


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  1. I’ve used Lion Brand before and I thought it was a decent yarn. I guess I’m just not that picky or maybe it’s just that I’m not a professional. I’ve only made one thing for someone other than myself and that used the crochet thread rather than the yarn. That was a huge project, 6 placemats and a table runner!

    • That was a big project!

      Lion Brand has a lot of different yarns and many of them are near the bottom of the quality scale, though they do have some that are nice to work with. I’ve used their 100% wool as well as their Wool-ease quite often, and both are of good quality and knit up well. I haven’t had that experience with a lot of their other yarns, though, so overall, I don’t use them.

      I’m not in any way a “professional,” but I am highly tactile so I am choosy about the yarns I use–if my fingers don’t like it, I won’t buy it. Also, I put a lot of time into my projects, just as you did with your placemats and runner, so I do buy the best I can afford when I buy yarn (or anything else), and what I’ll be happy working with over a long period of time.

  2. Yes, I was shocked at first but I think that you have made an excellent choice. Acrylic does have it’s place in the world. I actually found a knot in a very nice skein of yarn from a very nice little yarn shop…it is frustrating but it happens. Looking forward to seeing your work. You are right, some of those yarns don’t feel too bad at all.

  3. So you finally got you some big balls.
    It’s good for kids stuff, though. I have some for the same thing. Kids blankets.
    Good for you
    But I feel you on the cheap yarn thing. Ick.


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