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The Great De-crapping of 2012

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It’s been a pretty good week in de-crapping and I’m feeling better about the state of things here. Still a long way to go, but I’ve made a dent.

I have a staging area in the basement where I pile stuff that needs to go and while it wasn’t quite taking over that part of the basement, it was encroaching until a day or two ago. I filled up one large garbage bag and three grocery-sized bags with clothes, books, and craft supplies, and headed to the Goodwill. Gone! out of my house and, I hope, into the homes of others who need those things.

Yesterday I ushered out a large shopping bag filled with trash. Over the next few days, some yarn and knitting books will be passed along to knitting pals, and I hope to get several tote bags full of magazines out of here by the end of the month.

The magazines were all free, and a big part of my “it’s cheap or it’s free” entertainment policy. Free, you say? Yep. Here’s the deal: my public library has a magazine exchange. The idea is a pretty simple one–you bring in magazines you no longer want, put them in the bins provided, and whoever wants them can take them. It’s a popular feature of the library, and I can’t go there without pawing through those bins to see if my  favorites–Real Simple and Readymade–are in there.  Since it’s free entertainment,  I’ll load up on anything, really, that piques my interest, but therein also lies the problem. I don’t mind bringing a stack of mags home, but taking them back when I’m done with them is no fun at all and they tend to pile up. To an embarrassing extent. Ahem. Out they go.

So, overall, a pretty good week and month in de-crapping, and I have plans for next month. Stay tuned. It’s gonna be fun.

UPDATE: one bag of yarn and two (two!) bags of magazines are outta here!

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