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Out of the closet

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Got your attention, didn’t I?

One morning this past week, I woke up at 4:00 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep. I flopped around in bed for a while, trying to decide if I should get up and do something or not when my mind landed on The Great De-crapping of 2012 and specifically on my closet.

It was messy. I seriously considered getting up and cleaning it before reason took me by the hand and I fell back to sleep, but I put it higher up on the list of de-crapping priorities and got to it one day this week. I know you want to see my closet, so there are pics. Be still, your heart.

Before. Yikes. The junk in the foreground is knitting stuff.

Pretty bad, eh? I thought so, too. I’ll confess I didn’t completely empty it out, but everything on the floor and shelf did come out. I went through all of the clothes and shoes and either bagged them to go to the Goodwill or to toss. The shoes were bad shape and I wouldn’t foist those off on anyone else, so they went in the trash. Still needing a good sorting-out are the three-drawer rolly cart behind the Christmas gift bag and the turquoise craft containers. I don’t have a dresser or chest of drawers so my unders are in the rolly cart. Craft and knitting things are in the other containers. Hanging off to the right of the closet are knitting project bags and empty bags and such. I’m a bag ho, but I can think of worse things to be.

All that junk out of the closet was kind of overwhelming but I womaned up and persevered.

Midstream. Yes, those are booze bottles, and yes, I keep them in the closet. Doesn't everyone?

I vacuumed the floor and wiped off the shelf before deciding what to replace and where. I also rearranged the clothes so what I’m wearing now is front and center. Some of the stuff on the floor was rearranged in a more convenient fashion and the shelf got a tidy up as well. My vintage Batman pillow, along with Raggedy Andy and Ducky, make a bright spot on the shelf. The big yellow thing on the right side of the shelf is a scratchy old acrylic afghan that I’ll never part with. That baby is warm! On top of it is a hand-pieced, machine-quilted coverlet that I scored at the Sally Ann for a mere $2.99.

Ahh. Better.

If you look closely, you’ll see the hangers are all wrong way ’round. As I remove items to wear, I’ll turn the hangers back around the right way and anything still hanging backwards next January will be given away. I’m going to be ruthless about it–no exceptions. This will, I hope, be incentive to get rid of some of my excess weight so I can wear a few special things in there. I’m not overly fond of clothes, but I have a few pieces that made me feel cute and sassy once upon a time and it’d be swell to feel that way again. Shortie blue jacket, you will shine again! I might add a little color at some point, too–it could be that I have too many blues, blacks, greens, and purples.

I’m counting the closet de-crapping as a success.

So–what’s in your closet?






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  1. Monsters. There are monsters in my closet.

  2. Except for the upper shelf, I think you closet looked fine before you started! That said, the finished version is nice and orderly …. a bit too scary for me! I have two closets that size in my bedroom. Both of them are packed with clothes. One spare bedroom has extra coats that won’t fit in my coat closet on the first floor, suit cases, fans, and a window ac. The other spare bedroom closet is filled with craft projects and a few other clothes. Then there are the utility closets on the first floor that are stuffed with other things. Yeah, I have a lot of crap, but no doubt if I was to get rid of it, I’d want it soon afterward.

    • I only have one closet so I want it accessible and tidy. I have additional storage in other places but those will be getting a going-over too, and I’ll be happy to see stuff go. I’ve rarely missed things I’ve gotten rid of, but that’s me. To each her own!

  3. You don’t want to know.

    Enjoying the pics. Can I share some?


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