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I’ve had a short email correspondence going with Donna Freedman, the creator of Surviving and Thriving, a site devoted to living well on only a little. Donna is one of my frugal heroes, a kindred spirit who knows how to squeeze a nickel ’til the buffalo poops, so I jumped on the chance to give her a hand when she asked her Facebook followers to respond to some questions about the use of online rewards sites.

It won’t shock anyone who knows me and my frugal ways to discover that I use rewards sites. I use both Swagbucks and My Points on a daily basis, and believe me, they’ve been lifesavers. Most of my Christmas gifts this past year were gift cards, and most were paid for using points I’ve piled up on these sites.  If you’re skeptical about whether or not these sites “work,” just give ’em a shot. I’ve used My Points for just over ten years now and have earned and spent thousands of points on gift cards as well as for charitable donations.

It’s a simple process on both sites–you set up an account, do searches or respond to email notices, and you get points for doing so. Once you accumulate so many points, you can trade those in for merchandise, gift cards, or other goodies. It’s pretty much something for nothing other than a few minutes out of your day, and since you’re online anyway, why not be earning something worthwhile?

I’d planned on getting into the “frugal vs. cheapskate” debate a bit today, but I’m down with a cold and it’s just not in me right now. I’ll save that for another day and apologize for the short and kind of awkward post, but in the meantime, go get yourself some rewards. You know you want to.







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