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No week in review this week, as it’s more or less a repeat of last week–some good, some not so good.

The weather continues unseasonably mild and I’d love to get out later if possible. As I was preparing to leave for a holiday gathering last night, I found my car battery had died and I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do about it, though I suspect I’ll just give Triple A a call. I’m a little peeved with myself for this, as I had my car in the shop this past week and knew it was starting a little sluggishly, but I didn’t have my guy look at the battery.

Right now, I’m baking shortbread for Christmas,  which has grown to be kind of a holiday tradition, and one I’m not altogether fond of. I enjoy the end product but not the process, as I discovered this morning while getting a little impatient with the  “roll out and cut” part. I’d much rather bake bread. Sure, it’s a lot longer to do it, but there are breaks in between and pleasures in the making that are absent in baking cookies or other goods. I really love kneading the dough and recognizing that moment when I have a batch of bread and not just a mess on my hands. The smells, too, are heavenly, both while it’s rising and in the baking, and there is nothing in the world like fresh, hot bread slathered with butter. Real butter, not that manufactured nonsense. Mmmm.

Must go–it’s time to check on what’s in the oven. Here’s wishing you a good day!


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  1. I hate having vehicle problems. At least your car wouldn’t start when you were getting ready to leave and I take it you were home. Your lucky you have triple A. I actually decided I didn’t have a whole lot to lose the last time I had to replace the battery in my old Pathfinder, so I did it myself. It was rather easy, but then again the vehicle is old and the battery is easy to reach. Would your brother be able to help you?

    I’m not sure I would want to attempt it on my truck. I just had the battery replaced in the truck this Fall because it was getting old. Camping and dead batteries don’t mix well.

    Since I discovered some odd type of tool riding around on the battery of my Pathfinder after I had to have the water pump replaced, I decided I had better open the hood of the pickup. The mechanic had not put a bar back down that ran across the battery. I went back and complained. Not only did they screw the bar back down, I got a free oil change out of it.

  2. Your bread smells absolutely delicious! Wish I were closer and I could be your official taste tester. Now I’m hungry again!!!!


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