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The week in review, Dec. 11

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Feh. Let’s not talk about it, mmmmkay? Feh on most of the week.

Bright spots in the week included lunch with a friend I’ve not seen for years, lunch and a holiday tuba concert with one of my good knitting pals, and  my knitting group yesterday, aka Nice Girl Knitters. They were. Nice, that is. It was what it was supposed to be–a fun, relaxing time, with an easy give-and-take flow of conversation, and wonder of wonders, I made some progress on the blanket I’ve been working on for over a year now.

It’s based on the Moderne Log Cabin pattern/recipe cooked up by those knitting goddesses over at Mason-Dixon Knitting, Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne. Go look. You’ll like their blog and if you don’t–well, feh. I’ll post a pic of my work in progress sometime when my photography backdrop, which doubles as my bedspread, isn’t in the laundry. Trust me, you’ll thank me later. I may not have this baby completely off the needles by Christmas but it’s still getting wrapped up. Close enough is good enough sometimes, and I’ll dedicate myself to the project–and I hear you snickering, so stop it–after Christmas until it’s done done.

Late last night also saw progress on one of the three sweaters I’m trying to finish up. This poor thing has been frogged so many times it’s about ready to croak but I’ve got my knitting mojo up and running now and I’m getting it done. For the curious, it’s Green Gable. I’m using Berroco Vintage so it’ll be machine washable and it might be in Tide Pool, but I lost the ballbands–I’m bad that way–so I’m not for sure. It’s a lovely peacock-blue with a slight heathered effect which gives it a lot of depth of color. Pics to come.

I’m looking forward to getting these projects done, although there is always a sort of bittersweet feeling when I complete something I’ve truly enjoyed working on. I am, however, anticipating doing a little selfish knitting, as well as kicking off the 2012 charity knitting season. Oh, and I have a special year-long project planned, too. Stay tuned  . . .



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