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The week in review, Dec. 4

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It wasn’t a stellar week here but there was some sweet along with the sour–that’s life, right? The Trinity went begging in several regards but I’m reminding myself that it’s only a series of bumps in the road and not the end of it. Here’s the week in brief:

Mind: It was kind of a wasteland there with not much stimulating of the little gray cells. I finally got around to reading more of An Echo in the Bone last night but mostly pooped around online this week. I know, I know–I’ll do better next week.

Body: Yin/yang here. I got out every day except Saturday for a good long walk (yay!) but there was a hell of a lot of eating, both in quantity and lack of quality. Something’s nagging at me but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. I know when I eat like that, it’s got its roots in the emotional. My walks have been great, however–I’ve felt good and have savored the peace, solitude, and beauty of the woods along with the odd and unexpected companion.

Not a real possum, but he plays one on TV.

Spirit: Remember last week when I said I wanted to work on some ways to boost this aspect of the Trinity? Didn’t happen. The best day of the week for my spirit was Saturday, when one of my knitting groups got together for a few hours of knitting and yarn shopping and a super potluck. I was smart enough to shut down the computer early for a computer-free night and this guy set my hair on fire. On PBS. For real. So did this guy as Jean Valjean in this production, but mostly it was Joe. So I like younger men–sue me.

Sass level: a slight dip this week.


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